Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Tuesday 15 august 2017

Then the 3rd pig makes his house out of bricks. The wolf sees them in the bushes then he walks up to the pigs and says to the 1st pig. Can i came in your house but the pig says NO! you. Cant then the wolf gets angry and blows down the pigs house. And the wolf laughs and runs of two the second pig and says to the pig can i came in but the pig says yes so the wolf goes in the pigs house the pig screams. And then kicks him out. Then the wolf blows it down. Then the wolfs runs off laughing. Then goes to the third pig and says came but the pig says NO! go away then the wolf blows down his house but the house doesn't blow down. Then the wolf gets angry and runs back to his house then the pigs go to his house a to his down his house hide's in the 3rd pigs house but the wolf try's to blow his house down but doesn't work. Then the wolf runs of and planned something but first he builds his house and then planned something.

The big bad wolf there were three pigs one pig. Wanted to make a house out of bricks but he could not find any bricks. But he found sticks so he used the stick to build his house but he could not find any door so he made a door out could not find any door so he made a door out of tree brunches. But he whole entire house was made out of sticks even the roof was. So the 1st pig went to the second pig and said that he built is own house. So the second pig got jealous and wanted to build a house so he made his house out of tree branches and put torches around his house but he couldn't find a door so he built the whole house out of tree branches. But did not build the door and for the roof was made out of leaves. And sticks then the 3rd pigs sore the 1st pig and the second pig with the houses. So he built his house out of bricks and made a door out of bricks

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