Wednesday, 23 August 2017

The True Story Of The Three Little Pigs

🐺🐷The true story of the three little pigs.🐷🐺

🐷🐺🐷🐺Story told by Sam Boeyen🐺🐷🐺🐷

Did Nobody tell you the story of the three Little Pigs. Well I’ll tell you now this is my story. One Day I was going for my run when I saw three new houses on my street so I went to have a look. The weird thing was that the first house was made out of straw. I walked to the front door of the first house and rang the doorbell, but nobody answered so I walked in, but there were flowers and I was allergic to pollen so I hafed and I puffed and blow the house down. When the dust had cleared I saw a dead Pig in the middle of the floor. You no how if you leave food out in the open it will go off, So I ate it and I felt ready to run again.

After I ate that Pig I ran to the next house and knocked, but nobody answered so I walked in and saw he was baking a cake so I walked up and said hello little pig who are you, But that just made him frow flour at me so I sneezed and blow the house down. When the dust cleared there was another pig in the middle of the floor so think of a second handing so I ate him to (IT WAS LIKE HAVING DESSERT).

So then I walked to the last house and and rang the doorbell, This time someone answered me and said go away in a very meen way. So I knocked again and this time no one answered so I walked in. When I walked in the pig was nowhere to be seen and the house was silent. A minute later the cops came and said to come out with my hands in the air but I didn’t lesen so they came in thru the front door, buy then I was already in the chimney about to jump onto the roof when I saw a light at the bottom of the chimney When I jumped onto the roof I saw a cop at the bottom of the chimney.

One minute later I walked to the edge of the roof and felt nothing in my bottom.
A few seconds later I felt sleepy and fell off the roof into the cops armed when he put me into the cop car and took me to prison so that I would be charged with assault to the three little pigs because I ate two of them and broke into the others house and tried to eat him to when really I wanted to say hello to him and his Brother Pigs.

When I got to prison I was put in a cell until it was my turn to go and face the judge and see how long I would be in jail for or see if I would be in jail for life sentence because of the two pigs I ate. When it was my turn two cops came and grabbed me on either side so I couldn’t get away. When I walked into the room where the judge was waiting when I walked in the door the judge asked me the big bad wolf if I was guilty of murder and I was. I was sentenced to 5 years in prison. After the judge had seen me I was chucked into my sell.  

And That's My Story Of The Three Little Pigs