Wednesday, 23 August 2017

The True Story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears


Do you know what actually happened with Goldilocks and the 3 bears? Did nobody tell you what really happened? Well, I, Goldilocks am going to tell you. I was the victim, not the bears, me. People say that the bears were the victim but they don’t know my side of it all..

I was running down the pathway that lead further down the forest. I was running away from my sisters Gemma and Genny. We were playing a game of tag and Gemma was in. She gave us 20 seconds to run so we zoomed away from her spot. You might think playing tag in a forest that covers most of our country is stupid, but my family has lived here for generations so we know our way around. I ran down to the green fields by the river that me and my family would swim in when we were young. I walked closer to the river feeling the golden beach sand against my shoes. Once I regenerated my breath, I followed the river and kept an eye on the trees to make sure a little figure doesn’t pop out of them. I continued to stroll alongside the river until I reached a house.

I walked up to the house and stopped at the porch. I have lived in this forest for 11 years and I have never noticed this house. As I was studying the house I noticed the door was open. “Hello?” I called out stepping onto the porch. I decided that it wasn’t my business to walk into someone's house, but then I heard a noise. I walked into the house and tried to avoid breaking the crooked wooden plank floor. I walked into the living room and saw a table with 2 chairs and 3 bowls. I was confused because there were 3 bowls and 2 chairs so I walked a little closer until I tripped on something, another chair. I tried to pull myself up by pulling the table, but a bowl of food spilt all over me.

I quickly sat up and grabbed a paper towel to wipe all the food off. Once I wiped all the food off I remembered that I was playing a game of tag so I ran up the stairs. The stairs made a nasty, gross creaking sound so I'll remember just to walk down next time. I noticed something moving under the bed. I pulled the blanket up to look but something ran out before I could. It was a raccoon. The raccoon jumped out of the open window and fell down the 2 story house carefully landing on top of a bush and ran away into the family of trees. I looked out the window covered by maroon curtains and saw 3 people approaching the house. The owners are home!

I dove under the closest bed to me and hoped that someone wouldn’t find me. The creaky sound of the stairs sounded like thunder striking the house. Footsteps filled the room until they stopped closely to me.  I wasted no time crawling out from under the bed and running down the creaky stair floorboards and out of the house immediately. I ran home and waited for Gemma and Genny to give up and come back home. A few hours later the police arrived at my house because apparently the bears said I broke into there house, broke their chair, ate their food and stole something, even though, it was probably the raccoon that stole something. A child’s book author found the story interesting and made a story about it called Goldilocks and the 3 bears.

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