Wednesday, 23 August 2017

The Three Little Pigs By Ethan

The Three Little Pigs

By Ethan

Do you want to know the funniest story of the Three Little Pigs. Here it goes.

One day there was a wolf. His Mother was sick so he was making her some soup so she might get better.
But he ran out of tomato's, So he went to the shop to get some more tomatoes but when he was buying it he had no money to buy it. So he was super super poor. So he went to his neighbor's house and said
"if I can have some tomatoes? But the pig Tom didn't reply back so the the wolf got his rpg and blew the house up and could not find any tomato's. So he went to Tom the pig's brother house next door. But this pig was way way smarter than his brother because his house was made with real shiny Diamond.

So then the wolf decided to climb through the window and steal one tomato just one but then the pig came out here with a pan so then the wolf ran out the door. The next neighbor. But this house was shiny and made of gold. But the wolf went three the chimney but then the pig was scary as a scarecrow so when the wolf went out running but the police came to take the wolf for killing
The pig and blowing the house up. So when the wolf was running from the police they got the wolf and put him in jail.

When the wolf went to jail he was sentenced to 10 wolf years.

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