Tuesday, 22 August 2017

The story of Ashlee and the three bears

The story of Ashlee and the three bears: (written by ashlee)

Run! , run away while you can! , go!    It had been weeks since Ashlee’s house burnt down but she was still wandering around the forest looking for somewhere to stay. No one in her family wanted Ashlee to stay with them so she was all alone. She was cold, wet and hungry, but had nowhere to go. Everything seemed to be going wrong for ashlee but she still kept walking. It was quiet, not even any birds were chirping, Ashlee’s head went down slowly and she walked even slower until...BANG! She walked straight into a brick door leading into a supermarket it seemed. She looked up, she could only see food, it was like she was living a dream. There was everything food related even socks shaped like food. She jumped into which seemed like a supermarket and realised it wasn't a supermarket after all it was a small wooden house.

Ashlee gasped and put her hand to her head. She could not believe what just happened, it was like seeing a dream then it disappears when you get close to it. Then when she finally felt a bit better and her head wasn’t spinning, she looked around the house to see where she was. Nothing seemed to be clear but one thing that was slightly clear was that there was three bowls of porridge that looked like they were waiting for her. She went closer and after waiting for a while she ate every last drop in every bowl of porridge. When she had finished she picked up the bowls to wash them but dropped them on the way to the sink. After she cleaned up a little of the mess, she sat down on the chair to have a break. But her bad luck didn’t end there, three seconds after she sat down the chair broke making more mess on the floor.

It wasn’t long after she fell asleep cleaning the mess she made , that the door swung open with three bears standing behind it. Ashlee woke admittedly and stared at the bears but they didn’t seem to see her on the floor. Ashlee looked in the bears hands and saw every bear had cracked glasses and a bottle of wine. Ashlee knew that they were drunk so she quietly took them upstairs and put them in bed. When the bears were finally  in bed Ashlee cleaned up the mess she made, fixed the chair she broke, made more porridge and put it in bowls and left the house.

The next morning when the bears woke and went down stairs it seemed like nothing had happened. Ashlee finally found a tree to live in and every time the bears went to the club she would often take one or two bowls of porridge to her house. The bears never knew about the night where Ashlee was at their house, and Ashlee is hopping that they will never find out what happened that night either.

By Ash :)

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