Tuesday, 22 August 2017

The real story of Little Red Riding Hood. ( My version )

The real story of Little Red Riding Hood.
Okay, I think I’ll just start off by saying that everyone knows the story of Little red riding hood. You know, Little Red going the short cut, running into a bunch of strange people trying  to eat her
Grandma’s cookie, and then the Big Bad Wolf pretending to be Grandma and then eating Little Red Riding Hood. But, this isn’t the real story because Only I was there when it happened. You see Little Red And I are best friends and I went to her house one day but saw that this happened. Little Red Riding Hood is not her real name, her real name is Rachel and she loved red. So they started calling her Little Red Riding Hood. You may think you know the real story but you know Rachel's mum may look innocent but trust me she's not.

What would you think if I told that Rachel's mother, Kim was the real villain and the rest were just victims. Yep. That's right I said it, but you might be thinking why on earth would she want Rachel and her Grandmother to be eaten. Well, she didn’t want Rachel to be eaten, she only wanted Rachel's Grandma to be eaten. You see when Kim was a child she got treated like garbage by her mother, so this was her chance for revenge. So this is how it how it goes.

Kim went to the Auckland Zoo and hired a professional, trained, over grown wolf that can listen to English instructions and do whatever people say. So Kim told the wolf what to do and he waited in the woods for Rachel to come. Meanwhile Kim made some cookies for Grandma. Okay that's not true she bought some cookies and wrote dear Grandma, From Rachel on the packaging. The only reason Kim told Rachal not to go the short cut is because she knew that Rachel wouldn’t listen. As told in the fake story Rachel skipped along the path of the shortcut to get to Grandma's house. She came among a strange goat looking creature that tried to eat her cookie but she ran away before she could…

To be continued.

By Katie.

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