Tuesday, 22 August 2017

the real story of james and the giant peach

Tuesday 15th August 2017                                                                         Jacob.R

So most of us know james and the giant peach. But that story is fake. I'm here to tell you the real story. So me and my parents were on a plane to New York City and of course our plane crashed into a poor town. My two parents died and I lived, but I was really injured. Two horrible boys came up to me and took me back to their place. At first I thought they would be nice people. But when I said “can you slow down I’m really hurt.” They said “this is why kids are used for being slaves because they complain. So this is why we need to do what's necessary to make them work.” Then we got to their house they said “go and grow a peach tree so we can get money.”
I said “I don’t know how to grow one. Also I can’t walk that well with my injury.” They said “just do it or this fist will go straight into your face.” So I go off to find some peach seeds and then I see a cockroach, spider, ladybug and more. And then the two boys came in and screamed and said “KILL THEM!” and I put the bugs into one of the bushes outside. The boys yelled “you're good for nothing boy! I SAID KILL THEM! You better kill them next time." They shove me onto the floor.
I found the peach seeds and I put them into the ground and put some water on them.       
6 months later...
After doing chores and having to kill every bug I see, the tree actually grew but without leaves though. One day, one peach was growing and it kept growing and growing until it was massive. But the boys were scared of heights so of course i had to cut it down. I cut it down and then they put it up for $20 each visit and I got no credit. I see some bugs go inside the peach. They were the same ones i didn’t kill and when they got into the peach they also grew bigger. So that night I sneak out and take lots of bites from the peach and then is see the bugs talking. I slipped and they heard me so they eat their way to me and the spider puts me in her web and she said “Were you the one trying to kill us?" And the cockroach replied "No, he saved us and made this peach our home.”

To Be Continued....

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