Tuesday, 22 August 2017

My side of the three little Pigs

The three little Pigs
(My side of the story)

Nobody knows my version of the Three little Pigs. Once upon a time there was a wolf living in a small town called Pigville.The population of the town was 4.There was one wolf and three Pigs.

One day the wolf ran out of food so he wanted to know where was the Supermarket. So he thought for a long time until he thought “why don’t I just go ask my Neighbors?”said the wolf. So he came up to the first house that was right
beside his house. He knocked on the door three times. Know one answered so he called out “Pig, are you home?”. Then The door opened and slammed! On the wall.”What do you want?”, said Pig. I just wanted to know where the Supermarket is in this town”said the wolf softly. “I don’t know, i’m dumb.” Go ask next door he might know,”said the dumb Pig.

So he went to the next door two doors down from his house. This was fat Pigs house “surely, he knows where the Supermarket is right?”, said the wolf in his mind. So he knocked on the door tap! tap! Tap! “I'M COMING!”, shouted the fat Pig. He came to the door and you could hear under his breath “food, food, FOOD!”, yelled fat Pig and chased him away.

To be continued...

By Marc Rackham   

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