Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Little Red Riding Hood (Zoe's Story)

Little Red Riding Hood

I’m Little Red Riding hood, well that’s what people call me. My grandmother is sick, so I baked muffins  for her. “Mum i’m going to visit grandmother”, I said as I walked out the door.
“Don’t talk to strangers”! Mother shouted as I biked off. As I was biking down the path, wind blew in my face. Then I tripped over, after I got back up and biked off . This time I held tight of the basket of muffins in my strongest grip.

A tall, scary looking wolf stepped with one foot out, making me trip. I flew off my bike and landed face first. My basket landed next to me so I grabbed it before someone took it. “May I have a muffin or two please”. The wolf asked. I shook my head and ran quickly to my grandmother’s house. The wolf looked furious, so he followed.

I turned behind and the wolf was gone. “I guess he got tired running after a fast girl”. I chuckled. I carried on walking along the path. As I saw grandmother’s house door open, I walked a bit faster. Grandmother never leaves her door open unless she’s gardening. I ran inside and looked around for grandmother. I saw her sitting in her bed coughing, so I walked over to her.

“Grandmother why do you have a big nose”? I questioned.
“The better I can smell you my dear”. She answered.
“What sharp tee”- “What shampoo you used for your hair”? She interrupted.
“I was going to ask what sharp teeth you have”? I questioned.
“Sharp enough to bite you, if you don’t give me a muffin”! She jumped and the mask fell off revealing the wolf. “You”. I glared.

A woodcutter jumped through the window and looked blankly at the wolf and I. “Did I come here at the wrong time”? He questioned.

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