Wednesday, 23 August 2017

In The Woods

In The Woods

Do you know the story called The Three Pigs, or Little Red Riding Hood, or Goldilocks and The Three Bears? Well did you know the of these stories are all set in the woods, and the same wolf is in two stories. All of these stories are one big story but, someone came along and broke them up into little stories. Well this story is not your normal story this is about all these stories together, that’s right together. So get comfortable, grab some popcorn and read this amazing story.

Red Riding Hood was on her way to play with her friends Godi and Bear near the river on the field in the woods. They were going to play hide and go seek, no one was frighted of the dark woods. Before Red went to the field she stopped at Mr Baker's Bakery. She got some fresh bread and some fresh cookie for her and her friends.

To get to the field  by the river, you had to go past the big bad wolf’s house. Now this wolf was not a nice wolf, this wolf loved eatting little children that came to play in the dark woods that had trees that looked like monster from your nightmares trying to take you away from the world,
looking birds come swooping down by your face giving you a fright. Last but, not less right at the end of the woods is on the old crusty looking wolf’s house. The wolf had bloodshot eyes with a pointy nose and two enormous ears, that always had bugs in them.

As Red Riding Hood was making her way down the dark woods she saw Jake. Red said “hey, Jake would you like to come to the field and play with me, Goldie and Bear”? “That sounds like great fun”. Answered Jake. The wolf only take you if you are by yourself so always walk home with someone. Finally Red and Jake made it to the field where Goldie and Bear were waiting for them. “Hey Red did you bring the snacks”? Shouted Bear, “sure I did, you guys hungry?” answered Red, everyone said together “yea thanks Red for the food”.

  After everyone finished eating they started playing hide and go seek. When Goldie and Bear went to hide the saw the three little pigs building their house’s once again. So I know this is not finished but TO BE CONTINUED ...

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