Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Goldilocks and the three bears (My version)

CRUNCH! Goldilocks looked down to see she had stepped on a stick. She looks around to make sure nothing dangerous had heard her. When she felt safe enough to continue on, she walked for a few hours before it started to rain. She ran under a tree, from there she sees a rather small house and runs to the shelter of it’s front door. “Is anyone home?” she called, no reply. She pushes open the front door and enters uninvited. She looks around and spots a bowl of porridge. “I better not” she says backing away. “I’ll” she pauses trying to think of what to do.

“I’ll go upstairs!” she shouted to make sure no one was up there. She tiptoed up the stairs and when she got to the top, she saw a neat little bedroom and what looked like a small bathroom. In the corner next to the bed she saw a chair that would be perfect for her! She looked shook her head and instead sat down on the floor. She was so hungry, she remembered the nice looking bowl of porridge and wondered if she could make her own. She stood up and ran downstairs, to her dismay the bowl of porridge was gone.

How was she supposed to know what type porridge it was now!? She opened the pantry, there were over twenty different types of porridge in the pantry! She was just about to reach for one, but then… “Hello! squeaked a voice. Goldilocks jumped, then turned around slowly. It was the bowl of porridge! But this time bright green eyes were staring back at her.  

To be continued…            By Isabella

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