Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Goldilocks and the 3 bears.

          Goldilocks and the 3 bears.

 This is a story about how I got arrested. It started when my friend Chloe and I were playing in the forest. We were a little naughty, OK not a little naughty, we were really naughty kids. We bully other people kick and punch other people and wait, why am I telling you this? I should be telling you how I got arrested. Great, now I forgot where I was, oh yes now I know. It started when my friend Chloe and I were playing in the forest. We were playing hide and seek and whenever we play hide and seek I cheat a lot. I peek a little bit to see where is Chloe hiding. I count fast and start to pretend I don’t know where she is hiding. After playing the game a lot we got hungry. When I looked at Chloe I see Chloe looked delicious. She looked like grilled lamb. Hmmmmm   hmmmmm! As I was going up to Chloe she was crawling back. “ Ahh Goldi wh-what are you doing?” “ Grilled lamb, grilled lamb!” “ Why are you trying to eat me?” “ Yes.” After looking at her she screamed and started to run away. So I started chasing her. After chasing her for one hour we were at the other side of the forest. Then later on we smelt butter chicken at somebody’s house. We ran there as fast as we could. When we reached the house, the sign on the door said the 3 bears. Chloe got scared and started to move back. “ What’s wrong Chloe?” I said. “ I have a fear of bears.” Don’t worry I’m here.” “ OK.” We walked up the front porch. “ Ding dong.” “Hello It’s me I was wondering down the street.” I sang. “ Stop singing that song you’re singing It’s wrong.” “OK.” As I touched the door the door magically opened. Maybe the owner didn’t close the door properly. We went inside and saw 3 bowls of butter chicken. “ wait Goldi I have to taste the butter chicken and see if they're not poisonous.” “ Slurp, AHHHHHHHHHH! MY  TONGUE IS ON FIRE!” I gave Chloe the milk to. “ GUG GUG GUG GUG GUG GUG GUG GUG! Ahh that was spicy as.

               To be continued...

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