Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Goldie And The Three Penguins

Goldie And The Three Penguins

Goldie was making porridge one morning. While Goldie was waiting for it to cool down, she went for a walk in the forest because it was beautiful day. She was strolling down the path when she meet a family of penguins. There was a Baby penguin, a Mama penguin and a Dada penguin. They had a little chat and then Goldie found their house. So Goldie had a little look inside, mean while the penguins had found Goldie's house because they smelt the beautiful smell of porridge. They could smell the the porridge because Goldie had left the window open so it could cool down. The penguins opened the door, Baby penguin went straight to Goldie's porridge and ate it all up, he wanted more so he complained and complained and wasn't going to stop unless you gave him more porridge. So the Mama and the Dada made another batch.

Goldie was still snooping around in Their house, she thought that her porridge had cooled down by more because she had been out for at least an hour. Then the Baby penguin had got his porridge, then spotted Goldie's chair band he ran straight towards it. he sat down and it started to crack then it shattered into pieces. The Baby penguin wanted to have a nap, so he ran up the stairs. He had found all of the bedrooms, because he was small he wanted to find Goldie's bedroom. So he had to check all of the rooms and the last one was Goldie's room. He jumped straight in and fell straight to sleep.

When Goldie was on her way home, she couldn't smell her porridge. She went in and saw that her porridge was gone.She went to go and have a sit down, when she sees that her chair is in pieces. So she went upstairs to go and have a lie down and find that the penguins are in her house. So she screams and yells at them and they are so scared that they run away, they never returned again. But after this Goldie was framed for snooping around in their house. When the penguins ate her food, sat and broke her chair and slept in her bed. They should tell the true story about the penguins.

By Sophie

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