Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Incy Wincy Spider's Speech!

Incy Wincy Spider's Speech! 😀😀😀

Incy Wincy Spider went to the stage to say his speech. Everyone looked at him and said 'Ew!' Then when everyone calmed down and rested, he said his speech.

*Coughs* You probably hate me, which is probably why you hit me, just because i'm a spider! I'm not bad, actually i'm better, and I bite less than humans! Don't judge me because I look bad. Think I'm so bad? Well i'll prove that you are worse, and bite more than me!

If you know Spiderman, he saves the world. He even supports spiders! You're wondering how he got his powers? A spider bit him. I bit him! I gave my web powers to him! Why else wouldn't I have shot a web up than battling the rain to get up the spout (In 'Incy Wincy Spider')

I try to talk to humans but they just say "Ew!" and walk away. I mean do we ever say ew? No, spiders don't say that. You say ew everyday! It's a little disrespectful too. Imagine us saying that to you. You don't like it, we don't too.

I know what it feels like to only be able to walk and talk. That's why we make webs. So you can now 
clean! I know humans love to work. You work everyday! Sorry about using so many exclamation marks...  i'll give your ears a break.

Now humans, stop singing this incy wincy song! I'm not small and didn't shrink!!! Also, your singing about the rain beating me up! You're being mean! I could sing 'Incy Wincy Human' but no. I won't sing it because it isn't nice, but what rights do you have? You sung it at one point. If you say no you're lying!

You might still disagree, but i'm doing my best to help you! I respect your privacy, I am writing this in my house, not yours! You don't have to pray for spiders, but respect us spiders just a little bit more.

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