Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Cinderella Story


You probably already heard the fairy tale Cinderella, but I've been through a difficult time after my parents died. After my parents died I now live with my step mother. More like my Evil step mother and my evil step sisters. I now spend my whole entire life in a home where I get treated like a maid.

I do the dishes, hang out the laundry, cook, vacuum, mop the floor, dust the furniture and so much more. Then we all came across a ball.  I really really wanted to go and have a great time, but sadly my evil step sisters didn't want me to go. My animal friends made me this beautiful dress just as I was ready to go, but guess what happens!? My evil step sisters completely ruin my dress!

Now I won't be able to go to the ball. There I came across a Fairy God-Mother who I didn't even know who made me one of the most beautiful, glamorous dresses ever.

To Be continued...

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