Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Cinderella And The Spell

Cinderella was very kind, she did all of the jobs, I mean every single one. Her step sisters were called sloppy and snotty. They were the absolute worst children ever. Then one day there was a spell that caused lots of damage. Cinderella turned devilish and her sisters snotty and sloppy turned into angels. There was a way to cure Cinderella, she would have to kiss Prince not-so -charming. Prince not-so-charming was kind and loyal but ugly. The two sisters tried not to go to the ball but they did. Then Cinderella fell in love with a selfish bully so it would be even more hard to make Cinderella kiss Prince not-so-charming. Prince not-so-charming was green he had no hair and he had big red blisters on him. Cinderella went to the ball and saw Prince not-so-charming and kicked him. Luckily the royal guards didn't see her. Then her hairy dog mother gave her until 12 o'clock to kiss Prince not-so-charming. The royal guards found her and she new she had to get to him quick so she kissed him. She said thank you but she had to run away. Her leather glove fell off onto the floor. "Get her and bring her to me!" the Prince said. Her sisters were like demons again and Cinderella was an angel. The prince not-so-charming became Prince Charming. Prince Charming new he had to find her because she was his dream wife. He went looking around the streets for her. Her sister Sloppy came and said "its me, your dream wife" so he tried to put the glove on and the glove shredded. The prince got so angry he chopped her head off. He said to himself i'm never going to find my true love. Then out of the blue Cinderella came and said put this glove on it is me your true love. So he said "will you marry me?" Cinderella said "I sure will!" After they were married, Snotty had to do all of the chores for a taste of her own medicine.