Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Big Blue Riding Jacket By Ali

  Big Blue Riding jacket

Big Blue's father gave Big Blue a basket with medicine ,flowers and a note on top that says I hope you get better soon,love Massive Blue and my son Big Blue,To deliver to his sick grandad.Big Blue left early in the morning to get a head start .Twenty minutes into the walk he met a birthday Clown.Oh my! said the Clown.What are you doing here at such a young age?.I am off to deliver this basket to my Grandfather  He said in a squeaky voice.Would you like a lift said the Clown?.No thank you.Pwop!  The Clown tackled him and threw him in a bag.MMMMmmmmmmm!!!!.His origins will sell for a pretty good price said the Clown to his partner.What's that sound said a Mercenary.It's coming from that  car over there.I'll just follow the car to see what's all that racket.30 minutes later the car arrived at a warehouse.The Mercenary looked at the kid coming out of the car closely.Hey I know that kids dad.Ooh i could make good cash with that.I could make a deal for hmmm maybe 1000 dollars to retrieve the kid.Hello umm Massive Blue?.Yes that is my name.Big Blue has sadly been kidnapped.But I know where location of where he is.I will retrieve Big Blue untouched for a sum of 1000 dollars.Okay just please bring him back safely He said in a worried voice.The Merc killed the clown retrieved the kid got his money and lived happily ever after
                                                    The End

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