Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Belle’s Adventure
Written By Elisa: Inspiration From J.K Rowling's Harry Potter
Theme: Beauty and the Beast, with a Harry Potter twist.
1Halvenaction: Helve-n-action

Do you love magic and surprises? Well I have a story for you, it’s called Belle’s Adventure.

Once upon a time in a faraway place called Olepeperey lived a young girl named Belle. Belle was at the Carnival with her father (Maurice), best friends, Luna and Rila. Belle had light brown hair with a tint of orange, her eyes were as brown as chocolate, she had light tan skin and was never afraid to stand up for what she believed in. Whenever you were around Belle you would be filled of joy and happiness. Belle always wore either a light blue dress with heaps of pockets and a pair of boots, or a pair of sneakers with jeans and a tartan t-shirt. As the were wandering the Carnival they were all thinking about how the Carnival was different. The Carnival this year was different because it was Rila’s last day in Olepeperey. Rila was moving to rival land Mocalanalia, to live with her father. That night as Belle and her Father were saying goodbye, tears ran through Belle and Rila’s eyes as they tried to push them away.

A few years later Belle was washing the dinner dishes, when she was wishing that she could go faster, Belle started to mumble some words, and without realising “WHAT” she screamed. Belle’s wish had come true, her Father, Maurice came racing downstairs to see his daughter racing furiously through the dishes! Then it stopped, “what happened” exclaimed Belle.”I’ll tell you later, but for now go upstairs and wash-up” “OK Papa.” Belle was now in her room looking in the mirror, about to head for her shower when something caught her eye, it was a broken floor board. She came back from her shower to investigate when…

“How this, this is, it’s not possible…… no…. It…. can’t be, P-papa” Belle stammered. Maurice was now in the room with her. “Yes. my child what is with all the commotion?” asked Maurice, “what is all of this? What does all of it mean?” questioned Belle, “I’ll tell you later” said Maurice as he started to walk away, Belle quickly grabbed his arm and pulled him back. “No! Tell me now, I want answers” Belle yelled, “fine…”

“...Your mother and I were wizards when we had you. We thought we could tell you everything. But when your mother passed I wasn’t comfortable with doing it all alone. I wanted to tell you on your 17th birthday(tomorrow), but no, today is obviously the day” explained Maurice. “What do you mean tomorrow?” asked Belle. “You’ll see in the morning, but for now get some rest you have a big day tomorrow. Good night sweetheart.” He kissed her on the forehead, walked out and closed the door. Belle fell back on her pillow about to fall asleep, thinking about what he could have meant.

Chapter Two: A Birthday Surprise

In the morning Belle was greeted to pancakes and juice. “Happy 17th birthday Belle” said Maurice, “thank you Papa” answered Belle. “Now go get dressed and then you can open your cards.” “Ok papa.” Belle went up to her room to get changed into her light blue dress and put her brown boots on. Once again Belle was now downstairs, “here is a card from your cousins,” said Maurice, later there was only one gift left. “Thank you papa, thank you for everything.” said Belle thankfully. “Ah ah ah, there is still one left, here you go.” “Ohh thank you” exclaimed Belle, little did she know what was inside the letter, inside the letter was an acceptance form to go to Halvenaction school of witchcraft and wizardry. “AAAHHHHHH” screeched Belle. Inside the letter says:

“Congratulations Belle Jeanie Granger, you have been accepted into 1Halvenaction school of witchcraft and wizardry, you will need the following equipment: 1 set of robes in scarlet red; 1 wand that is 10¾ long, made of vine wood, and possesses a dragon heartstring core; also a quill and ink; spell books. School term starts on October 27.
Deputy Headmistress: June Tiprey.


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