Wednesday, 23 August 2017

  Goldilocks And The
        Three Bears

Once there was three bears that lived in a little house.
They were called a Mummy Bear, a Daddy Bear and a Baby Bear.
They decided to go for a walk, so they went.
This name is Goldilocks, she went in the house, because she was cold. She saw the food. She said “yes yes yes I see curry” she tasted the first one she said “oww!!” “It’s too hot” she tasted the second one she said “yuck!! It’s too cold” and then she tasted the last one she ate it all up, then she was tired. She sat on the chair she said ohh boy what am I going to do she was bored. She went sleep up stairs.
Finally the bears came back they all said “what a mess Daddy Bear” said “shh! “Someone's in here. They all ran upstairs
and found her. Baby Bear said “um
“Can I eat her legs?” “yes” said Mummy Bear …
                To Be continued
By Blessing

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