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Ahhh we are in a war zone run everyone started running Johnny said Alan it's too late. Alan said no just keep running don’t stop tony was gone. when we got to him we said where's Emma. I don’t know were  she is said Alan. Thear she is over by the plane. By the time we got there we had to leave strat away cause they where Image result for donald trumpabout to blow up the city so most people would have  died. but bevore they droped the bom. Donald trump said when we are done with this war the next place that we are going to have a war with is new york thats when we go in the plane.

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The Three Little Pigs By Ethan

The Three Little Pigs

By Ethan

Do you want to know the funniest story of the Three Little Pigs. Here it goes.

One day there was a wolf. His Mother was sick so he was making her some soup so she might get better.
But he ran out of tomato's, So he went to the shop to get some more tomatoes but when he was buying it he had no money to buy it. So he was super super poor. So he went to his neighbor's house and said
"if I can have some tomatoes? But the pig Tom didn't reply back so the the wolf got his rpg and blew the house up and could not find any tomato's. So he went to Tom the pig's brother house next door. But this pig was way way smarter than his brother because his house was made with real shiny Diamond.

So then the wolf decided to climb through the window and steal one tomato just one but then the pig came out here with a pan so then the wolf ran out the door. The next neighbor. But this house was shiny and made of gold. But the wolf went three the chimney but then the pig was scary as a scarecrow so when the wolf went out running but the police came to take the wolf for killing
The pig and blowing the house up. So when the wolf was running from the police they got the wolf and put him in jail.

When the wolf went to jail he was sentenced to 10 wolf years.

Big Blue Riding Jacket By Ali

  Big Blue Riding jacket

Big Blue's father gave Big Blue a basket with medicine ,flowers and a note on top that says I hope you get better soon,love Massive Blue and my son Big Blue,To deliver to his sick grandad.Big Blue left early in the morning to get a head start .Twenty minutes into the walk he met a birthday Clown.Oh my! said the Clown.What are you doing here at such a young age?.I am off to deliver this basket to my Grandfather  He said in a squeaky voice.Would you like a lift said the Clown?.No thank you.Pwop!  The Clown tackled him and threw him in a bag.MMMMmmmmmmm!!!!.His origins will sell for a pretty good price said the Clown to his partner.What's that sound said a Mercenary.It's coming from that  car over there.I'll just follow the car to see what's all that racket.30 minutes later the car arrived at a warehouse.The Mercenary looked at the kid coming out of the car closely.Hey I know that kids dad.Ooh i could make good cash with that.I could make a deal for hmmm maybe 1000 dollars to retrieve the kid.Hello umm Massive Blue?.Yes that is my name.Big Blue has sadly been kidnapped.But I know where location of where he is.I will retrieve Big Blue untouched for a sum of 1000 dollars.Okay just please bring him back safely He said in a worried voice.The Merc killed the clown retrieved the kid got his money and lived happily ever after
                                                    The End

Belle’s Adventure
Written By Elisa: Inspiration From J.K Rowling's Harry Potter
Theme: Beauty and the Beast, with a Harry Potter twist.
1Halvenaction: Helve-n-action

Do you love magic and surprises? Well I have a story for you, it’s called Belle’s Adventure.

Once upon a time in a faraway place called Olepeperey lived a young girl named Belle. Belle was at the Carnival with her father (Maurice), best friends, Luna and Rila. Belle had light brown hair with a tint of orange, her eyes were as brown as chocolate, she had light tan skin and was never afraid to stand up for what she believed in. Whenever you were around Belle you would be filled of joy and happiness. Belle always wore either a light blue dress with heaps of pockets and a pair of boots, or a pair of sneakers with jeans and a tartan t-shirt. As the were wandering the Carnival they were all thinking about how the Carnival was different. The Carnival this year was different because it was Rila’s last day in Olepeperey. Rila was moving to rival land Mocalanalia, to live with her father. That night as Belle and her Father were saying goodbye, tears ran through Belle and Rila’s eyes as they tried to push them away.

A few years later Belle was washing the dinner dishes, when she was wishing that she could go faster, Belle started to mumble some words, and without realising “WHAT” she screamed. Belle’s wish had come true, her Father, Maurice came racing downstairs to see his daughter racing furiously through the dishes! Then it stopped, “what happened” exclaimed Belle.”I’ll tell you later, but for now go upstairs and wash-up” “OK Papa.” Belle was now in her room looking in the mirror, about to head for her shower when something caught her eye, it was a broken floor board. She came back from her shower to investigate when…

“How this, this is, it’s not possible…… no…. It…. can’t be, P-papa” Belle stammered. Maurice was now in the room with her. “Yes. my child what is with all the commotion?” asked Maurice, “what is all of this? What does all of it mean?” questioned Belle, “I’ll tell you later” said Maurice as he started to walk away, Belle quickly grabbed his arm and pulled him back. “No! Tell me now, I want answers” Belle yelled, “fine…”

“...Your mother and I were wizards when we had you. We thought we could tell you everything. But when your mother passed I wasn’t comfortable with doing it all alone. I wanted to tell you on your 17th birthday(tomorrow), but no, today is obviously the day” explained Maurice. “What do you mean tomorrow?” asked Belle. “You’ll see in the morning, but for now get some rest you have a big day tomorrow. Good night sweetheart.” He kissed her on the forehead, walked out and closed the door. Belle fell back on her pillow about to fall asleep, thinking about what he could have meant.

Chapter Two: A Birthday Surprise

In the morning Belle was greeted to pancakes and juice. “Happy 17th birthday Belle” said Maurice, “thank you Papa” answered Belle. “Now go get dressed and then you can open your cards.” “Ok papa.” Belle went up to her room to get changed into her light blue dress and put her brown boots on. Once again Belle was now downstairs, “here is a card from your cousins,” said Maurice, later there was only one gift left. “Thank you papa, thank you for everything.” said Belle thankfully. “Ah ah ah, there is still one left, here you go.” “Ohh thank you” exclaimed Belle, little did she know what was inside the letter, inside the letter was an acceptance form to go to Halvenaction school of witchcraft and wizardry. “AAAHHHHHH” screeched Belle. Inside the letter says:

“Congratulations Belle Jeanie Granger, you have been accepted into 1Halvenaction school of witchcraft and wizardry, you will need the following equipment: 1 set of robes in scarlet red; 1 wand that is 10¾ long, made of vine wood, and possesses a dragon heartstring core; also a quill and ink; spell books. School term starts on October 27.
Deputy Headmistress: June Tiprey.


Cinderella Story


You probably already heard the fairy tale Cinderella, but I've been through a difficult time after my parents died. After my parents died I now live with my step mother. More like my Evil step mother and my evil step sisters. I now spend my whole entire life in a home where I get treated like a maid.

I do the dishes, hang out the laundry, cook, vacuum, mop the floor, dust the furniture and so much more. Then we all came across a ball.  I really really wanted to go and have a great time, but sadly my evil step sisters didn't want me to go. My animal friends made me this beautiful dress just as I was ready to go, but guess what happens!? My evil step sisters completely ruin my dress!

Now I won't be able to go to the ball. There I came across a Fairy God-Mother who I didn't even know who made me one of the most beautiful, glamorous dresses ever.

To Be continued...

The bears side of Goldilocks and the three bears.

One day in a forest lived three bears. Mama bear made them some porridge, but it was too hot to eat so they went to the Wolf’s house to have a cup of tea. So baby bear and baby wolf can play together. When they got to the wolf's house the wolves weren't there .So they set off to the lake to have a swim.

When they got to the lake the wolves were there having a swim. The wolves and the bears (parents) talked, while baby bear and baby wolf were having a swim. After about an hour they went back to the wolf’s house to have a cup of tea. The wolf talked about how he was framed by the three pigs and little red riding hood. Now he is called the Big Bad Wolf when he was just trying to get some sugar for his Grandmother. Red Riding Hood’s grandmother attacked him in self defence he sneezed and she died so he ate her, but the rest of that story is for later.

When the bears got home the bears saw the door was open and they thought it was Red Riding hood. But it was Goldilocks. All the porridges were gone and baby bears chair was broken. This made them very angry so they ran up the stairs and father bear hit his knee on the step so when he got up the stairs he said “awwwwwwwwwwwwww” and to Goldilocks it sounded like he was going to eat her because she knew that the bears were friends with the so called Big Bad Wolf. In the end she made her baby bear and father bear some salmon.

Cinderella And The Spell

Cinderella was very kind, she did all of the jobs, I mean every single one. Her step sisters were called sloppy and snotty. They were the absolute worst children ever. Then one day there was a spell that caused lots of damage. Cinderella turned devilish and her sisters snotty and sloppy turned into angels. There was a way to cure Cinderella, she would have to kiss Prince not-so -charming. Prince not-so-charming was kind and loyal but ugly. The two sisters tried not to go to the ball but they did. Then Cinderella fell in love with a selfish bully so it would be even more hard to make Cinderella kiss Prince not-so-charming. Prince not-so-charming was green he had no hair and he had big red blisters on him. Cinderella went to the ball and saw Prince not-so-charming and kicked him. Luckily the royal guards didn't see her. Then her hairy dog mother gave her until 12 o'clock to kiss Prince not-so-charming. The royal guards found her and she new she had to get to him quick so she kissed him. She said thank you but she had to run away. Her leather glove fell off onto the floor. "Get her and bring her to me!" the Prince said. Her sisters were like demons again and Cinderella was an angel. The prince not-so-charming became Prince Charming. Prince Charming new he had to find her because she was his dream wife. He went looking around the streets for her. Her sister Sloppy came and said "its me, your dream wife" so he tried to put the glove on and the glove shredded. The prince got so angry he chopped her head off. He said to himself i'm never going to find my true love. Then out of the blue Cinderella came and said put this glove on it is me your true love. So he said "will you marry me?" Cinderella said "I sure will!" After they were married, Snotty had to do all of the chores for a taste of her own medicine.

The True Story Of The Three Little Pigs

🐺🐷The true story of the three little pigs.🐷🐺

🐷🐺🐷🐺Story told by Sam Boeyen🐺🐷🐺🐷

Did Nobody tell you the story of the three Little Pigs. Well I’ll tell you now this is my story. One Day I was going for my run when I saw three new houses on my street so I went to have a look. The weird thing was that the first house was made out of straw. I walked to the front door of the first house and rang the doorbell, but nobody answered so I walked in, but there were flowers and I was allergic to pollen so I hafed and I puffed and blow the house down. When the dust had cleared I saw a dead Pig in the middle of the floor. You no how if you leave food out in the open it will go off, So I ate it and I felt ready to run again.

After I ate that Pig I ran to the next house and knocked, but nobody answered so I walked in and saw he was baking a cake so I walked up and said hello little pig who are you, But that just made him frow flour at me so I sneezed and blow the house down. When the dust cleared there was another pig in the middle of the floor so think of a second handing so I ate him to (IT WAS LIKE HAVING DESSERT).

So then I walked to the last house and and rang the doorbell, This time someone answered me and said go away in a very meen way. So I knocked again and this time no one answered so I walked in. When I walked in the pig was nowhere to be seen and the house was silent. A minute later the cops came and said to come out with my hands in the air but I didn’t lesen so they came in thru the front door, buy then I was already in the chimney about to jump onto the roof when I saw a light at the bottom of the chimney When I jumped onto the roof I saw a cop at the bottom of the chimney.

One minute later I walked to the edge of the roof and felt nothing in my bottom.
A few seconds later I felt sleepy and fell off the roof into the cops armed when he put me into the cop car and took me to prison so that I would be charged with assault to the three little pigs because I ate two of them and broke into the others house and tried to eat him to when really I wanted to say hello to him and his Brother Pigs.

When I got to prison I was put in a cell until it was my turn to go and face the judge and see how long I would be in jail for or see if I would be in jail for life sentence because of the two pigs I ate. When it was my turn two cops came and grabbed me on either side so I couldn’t get away. When I walked into the room where the judge was waiting when I walked in the door the judge asked me the big bad wolf if I was guilty of murder and I was. I was sentenced to 5 years in prison. After the judge had seen me I was chucked into my sell.  

And That's My Story Of The Three Little Pigs

In The Woods

In The Woods

Do you know the story called The Three Pigs, or Little Red Riding Hood, or Goldilocks and The Three Bears? Well did you know the of these stories are all set in the woods, and the same wolf is in two stories. All of these stories are one big story but, someone came along and broke them up into little stories. Well this story is not your normal story this is about all these stories together, that’s right together. So get comfortable, grab some popcorn and read this amazing story.

Red Riding Hood was on her way to play with her friends Godi and Bear near the river on the field in the woods. They were going to play hide and go seek, no one was frighted of the dark woods. Before Red went to the field she stopped at Mr Baker's Bakery. She got some fresh bread and some fresh cookie for her and her friends.

To get to the field  by the river, you had to go past the big bad wolf’s house. Now this wolf was not a nice wolf, this wolf loved eatting little children that came to play in the dark woods that had trees that looked like monster from your nightmares trying to take you away from the world,
looking birds come swooping down by your face giving you a fright. Last but, not less right at the end of the woods is on the old crusty looking wolf’s house. The wolf had bloodshot eyes with a pointy nose and two enormous ears, that always had bugs in them.

As Red Riding Hood was making her way down the dark woods she saw Jake. Red said “hey, Jake would you like to come to the field and play with me, Goldie and Bear”? “That sounds like great fun”. Answered Jake. The wolf only take you if you are by yourself so always walk home with someone. Finally Red and Jake made it to the field where Goldie and Bear were waiting for them. “Hey Red did you bring the snacks”? Shouted Bear, “sure I did, you guys hungry?” answered Red, everyone said together “yea thanks Red for the food”.

  After everyone finished eating they started playing hide and go seek. When Goldie and Bear went to hide the saw the three little pigs building their house’s once again. So I know this is not finished but TO BE CONTINUED ...

Goldilocks and the 3 bears.

          Goldilocks and the 3 bears.

 This is a story about how I got arrested. It started when my friend Chloe and I were playing in the forest. We were a little naughty, OK not a little naughty, we were really naughty kids. We bully other people kick and punch other people and wait, why am I telling you this? I should be telling you how I got arrested. Great, now I forgot where I was, oh yes now I know. It started when my friend Chloe and I were playing in the forest. We were playing hide and seek and whenever we play hide and seek I cheat a lot. I peek a little bit to see where is Chloe hiding. I count fast and start to pretend I don’t know where she is hiding. After playing the game a lot we got hungry. When I looked at Chloe I see Chloe looked delicious. She looked like grilled lamb. Hmmmmm   hmmmmm! As I was going up to Chloe she was crawling back. “ Ahh Goldi wh-what are you doing?” “ Grilled lamb, grilled lamb!” “ Why are you trying to eat me?” “ Yes.” After looking at her she screamed and started to run away. So I started chasing her. After chasing her for one hour we were at the other side of the forest. Then later on we smelt butter chicken at somebody’s house. We ran there as fast as we could. When we reached the house, the sign on the door said the 3 bears. Chloe got scared and started to move back. “ What’s wrong Chloe?” I said. “ I have a fear of bears.” Don’t worry I’m here.” “ OK.” We walked up the front porch. “ Ding dong.” “Hello It’s me I was wondering down the street.” I sang. “ Stop singing that song you’re singing It’s wrong.” “OK.” As I touched the door the door magically opened. Maybe the owner didn’t close the door properly. We went inside and saw 3 bowls of butter chicken. “ wait Goldi I have to taste the butter chicken and see if they're not poisonous.” “ Slurp, AHHHHHHHHHH! MY  TONGUE IS ON FIRE!” I gave Chloe the milk to. “ GUG GUG GUG GUG GUG GUG GUG GUG! Ahh that was spicy as.

               To be continued...

The True Story of the three little pigs

🐺The True story of the three little pigs🐷
πŸš¨πŸŽ‰ Story told by Cohen Rawnsley RM 6 πŸ΄πŸ†

Nobody knows the REAL story of me the wolf And the three little pigs. So let me tell you the REAL story of me and the three little pigs.

So I was at my house having a party cause were party
Animals, get it?. Anyway and I was going to have some
cheese and crackers. Then I realize that I HAVE NO CHEESE AND CRACKERS!!!. So I  sneak out of my house and I go to my neighbors house with a gun so if they don’t play the easy way we’ll just have to play the hard way. So I go to the first house and guess what? I knocked on the door like a gentleman and said “Do you have any cheese and crackers?” and the pig replies “ yes but, why do I have to give you some” and I reply “do you want to play the hard way or the easy way. “Well you’re not going to get my cheese and crackers” said the pig. “Looks like we’ll have to play the hard way” So i do the only thing that I can do I shot his house until it crumbled and nothing left and I look for the cheese and crackers and I see that the pig is dead and in his hands was a empty packet of cheese and crackers.

Then I go to the next house and it's made out of bricks so i go home and get out my rocket launcher and then I go to the next house and say “hey little pig do you have any cheese and crackers and the pig replys back “yeah, but you're not gonna get any!” So I get out my rocket launcher out and the pig is watching me thru the window like a stalker and he says to me “what are you doing with THAT?!?” in a terrified voice and I reply back and say with a smirk “because… I want to and i blow the house down with my almighty rocket launcher and I look everywhere and then i realised that he was lying so then i go to the next house.

And i see a enormous metal fortress with six layers covering the wall with turrets on the front, sides, back and the top then I go house and I go into my garage and turn on the light And i get into a tank and I BLOW THE HOUSE UNTIL THERE IS NOTHING LEFT!. Then I see the almighty, super deluxe and tasty cheese and crackers and just then, just when i was about to touch the almighty, super deluxe and tasty cheese and crackers I see an entire squad of S.W.A.P also known as

sweaty, weird, american, pigs standing behind be and the reason they didn’t arrest me is because of their amusement. And that's the story of me the wolf it doesn't sound true but every single part of the story is true and that's the REAL story of the three tiny little pigs.

To Be Continued... Or Not To be Continued...

The True Story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears


Do you know what actually happened with Goldilocks and the 3 bears? Did nobody tell you what really happened? Well, I, Goldilocks am going to tell you. I was the victim, not the bears, me. People say that the bears were the victim but they don’t know my side of it all..

I was running down the pathway that lead further down the forest. I was running away from my sisters Gemma and Genny. We were playing a game of tag and Gemma was in. She gave us 20 seconds to run so we zoomed away from her spot. You might think playing tag in a forest that covers most of our country is stupid, but my family has lived here for generations so we know our way around. I ran down to the green fields by the river that me and my family would swim in when we were young. I walked closer to the river feeling the golden beach sand against my shoes. Once I regenerated my breath, I followed the river and kept an eye on the trees to make sure a little figure doesn’t pop out of them. I continued to stroll alongside the river until I reached a house.

I walked up to the house and stopped at the porch. I have lived in this forest for 11 years and I have never noticed this house. As I was studying the house I noticed the door was open. “Hello?” I called out stepping onto the porch. I decided that it wasn’t my business to walk into someone's house, but then I heard a noise. I walked into the house and tried to avoid breaking the crooked wooden plank floor. I walked into the living room and saw a table with 2 chairs and 3 bowls. I was confused because there were 3 bowls and 2 chairs so I walked a little closer until I tripped on something, another chair. I tried to pull myself up by pulling the table, but a bowl of food spilt all over me.

I quickly sat up and grabbed a paper towel to wipe all the food off. Once I wiped all the food off I remembered that I was playing a game of tag so I ran up the stairs. The stairs made a nasty, gross creaking sound so I'll remember just to walk down next time. I noticed something moving under the bed. I pulled the blanket up to look but something ran out before I could. It was a raccoon. The raccoon jumped out of the open window and fell down the 2 story house carefully landing on top of a bush and ran away into the family of trees. I looked out the window covered by maroon curtains and saw 3 people approaching the house. The owners are home!

I dove under the closest bed to me and hoped that someone wouldn’t find me. The creaky sound of the stairs sounded like thunder striking the house. Footsteps filled the room until they stopped closely to me.  I wasted no time crawling out from under the bed and running down the creaky stair floorboards and out of the house immediately. I ran home and waited for Gemma and Genny to give up and come back home. A few hours later the police arrived at my house because apparently the bears said I broke into there house, broke their chair, ate their food and stole something, even though, it was probably the raccoon that stole something. A child’s book author found the story interesting and made a story about it called Goldilocks and the 3 bears.

  Goldilocks And The
        Three Bears

Once there was three bears that lived in a little house.
They were called a Mummy Bear, a Daddy Bear and a Baby Bear.
They decided to go for a walk, so they went.
This name is Goldilocks, she went in the house, because she was cold. She saw the food. She said “yes yes yes I see curry” she tasted the first one she said “oww!!” “It’s too hot” she tasted the second one she said “yuck!! It’s too cold” and then she tasted the last one she ate it all up, then she was tired. She sat on the chair she said ohh boy what am I going to do she was bored. She went sleep up stairs.
Finally the bears came back they all said “what a mess Daddy Bear” said “shh! “Someone's in here. They all ran upstairs
and found her. Baby Bear said “um
“Can I eat her legs?” “yes” said Mummy Bear …
                To Be continued
By Blessing

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The story of Ashlee and the three bears

The story of Ashlee and the three bears: (written by ashlee)

Run! , run away while you can! , go!    It had been weeks since Ashlee’s house burnt down but she was still wandering around the forest looking for somewhere to stay. No one in her family wanted Ashlee to stay with them so she was all alone. She was cold, wet and hungry, but had nowhere to go. Everything seemed to be going wrong for ashlee but she still kept walking. It was quiet, not even any birds were chirping, Ashlee’s head went down slowly and she walked even slower until...BANG! She walked straight into a brick door leading into a supermarket it seemed. She looked up, she could only see food, it was like she was living a dream. There was everything food related even socks shaped like food. She jumped into which seemed like a supermarket and realised it wasn't a supermarket after all it was a small wooden house.

Ashlee gasped and put her hand to her head. She could not believe what just happened, it was like seeing a dream then it disappears when you get close to it. Then when she finally felt a bit better and her head wasn’t spinning, she looked around the house to see where she was. Nothing seemed to be clear but one thing that was slightly clear was that there was three bowls of porridge that looked like they were waiting for her. She went closer and after waiting for a while she ate every last drop in every bowl of porridge. When she had finished she picked up the bowls to wash them but dropped them on the way to the sink. After she cleaned up a little of the mess, she sat down on the chair to have a break. But her bad luck didn’t end there, three seconds after she sat down the chair broke making more mess on the floor.

It wasn’t long after she fell asleep cleaning the mess she made , that the door swung open with three bears standing behind it. Ashlee woke admittedly and stared at the bears but they didn’t seem to see her on the floor. Ashlee looked in the bears hands and saw every bear had cracked glasses and a bottle of wine. Ashlee knew that they were drunk so she quietly took them upstairs and put them in bed. When the bears were finally  in bed Ashlee cleaned up the mess she made, fixed the chair she broke, made more porridge and put it in bowls and left the house.

The next morning when the bears woke and went down stairs it seemed like nothing had happened. Ashlee finally found a tree to live in and every time the bears went to the club she would often take one or two bowls of porridge to her house. The bears never knew about the night where Ashlee was at their house, and Ashlee is hopping that they will never find out what happened that night either.

By Ash :)
Tuesday 15 august 2017

Then the 3rd pig makes his house out of bricks. The wolf sees them in the bushes then he walks up to the pigs and says to the 1st pig. Can i came in your house but the pig says NO! you. Cant then the wolf gets angry and blows down the pigs house. And the wolf laughs and runs of two the second pig and says to the pig can i came in but the pig says yes so the wolf goes in the pigs house the pig screams. And then kicks him out. Then the wolf blows it down. Then the wolfs runs off laughing. Then goes to the third pig and says came but the pig says NO! go away then the wolf blows down his house but the house doesn't blow down. Then the wolf gets angry and runs back to his house then the pigs go to his house a to his down his house hide's in the 3rd pigs house but the wolf try's to blow his house down but doesn't work. Then the wolf runs of and planned something but first he builds his house and then planned something.

The big bad wolf there were three pigs one pig. Wanted to make a house out of bricks but he could not find any bricks. But he found sticks so he used the stick to build his house but he could not find any door so he made a door out could not find any door so he made a door out of tree brunches. But he whole entire house was made out of sticks even the roof was. So the 1st pig went to the second pig and said that he built is own house. So the second pig got jealous and wanted to build a house so he made his house out of tree branches and put torches around his house but he couldn't find a door so he built the whole house out of tree branches. But did not build the door and for the roof was made out of leaves. And sticks then the 3rd pigs sore the 1st pig and the second pig with the houses. So he built his house out of bricks and made a door out of bricks

The real story of Little Red Riding Hood. ( My version )

The real story of Little Red Riding Hood.
Okay, I think I’ll just start off by saying that everyone knows the story of Little red riding hood. You know, Little Red going the short cut, running into a bunch of strange people trying  to eat her
Grandma’s cookie, and then the Big Bad Wolf pretending to be Grandma and then eating Little Red Riding Hood. But, this isn’t the real story because Only I was there when it happened. You see Little Red And I are best friends and I went to her house one day but saw that this happened. Little Red Riding Hood is not her real name, her real name is Rachel and she loved red. So they started calling her Little Red Riding Hood. You may think you know the real story but you know Rachel's mum may look innocent but trust me she's not.

What would you think if I told that Rachel's mother, Kim was the real villain and the rest were just victims. Yep. That's right I said it, but you might be thinking why on earth would she want Rachel and her Grandmother to be eaten. Well, she didn’t want Rachel to be eaten, she only wanted Rachel's Grandma to be eaten. You see when Kim was a child she got treated like garbage by her mother, so this was her chance for revenge. So this is how it how it goes.

Kim went to the Auckland Zoo and hired a professional, trained, over grown wolf that can listen to English instructions and do whatever people say. So Kim told the wolf what to do and he waited in the woods for Rachel to come. Meanwhile Kim made some cookies for Grandma. Okay that's not true she bought some cookies and wrote dear Grandma, From Rachel on the packaging. The only reason Kim told Rachal not to go the short cut is because she knew that Rachel wouldn’t listen. As told in the fake story Rachel skipped along the path of the shortcut to get to Grandma's house. She came among a strange goat looking creature that tried to eat her cookie but she ran away before she could…

To be continued.

By Katie.

Little Red Riding Hood (Zoe's Story)

Little Red Riding Hood

I’m Little Red Riding hood, well that’s what people call me. My grandmother is sick, so I baked muffins  for her. “Mum i’m going to visit grandmother”, I said as I walked out the door.
“Don’t talk to strangers”! Mother shouted as I biked off. As I was biking down the path, wind blew in my face. Then I tripped over, after I got back up and biked off . This time I held tight of the basket of muffins in my strongest grip.

A tall, scary looking wolf stepped with one foot out, making me trip. I flew off my bike and landed face first. My basket landed next to me so I grabbed it before someone took it. “May I have a muffin or two please”. The wolf asked. I shook my head and ran quickly to my grandmother’s house. The wolf looked furious, so he followed.

I turned behind and the wolf was gone. “I guess he got tired running after a fast girl”. I chuckled. I carried on walking along the path. As I saw grandmother’s house door open, I walked a bit faster. Grandmother never leaves her door open unless she’s gardening. I ran inside and looked around for grandmother. I saw her sitting in her bed coughing, so I walked over to her.

“Grandmother why do you have a big nose”? I questioned.
“The better I can smell you my dear”. She answered.
“What sharp tee”- “What shampoo you used for your hair”? She interrupted.
“I was going to ask what sharp teeth you have”? I questioned.
“Sharp enough to bite you, if you don’t give me a muffin”! She jumped and the mask fell off revealing the wolf. “You”. I glared.

A woodcutter jumped through the window and looked blankly at the wolf and I. “Did I come here at the wrong time”? He questioned.

the real story of james and the giant peach

Tuesday 15th August 2017                                                                         Jacob.R

So most of us know james and the giant peach. But that story is fake. I'm here to tell you the real story. So me and my parents were on a plane to New York City and of course our plane crashed into a poor town. My two parents died and I lived, but I was really injured. Two horrible boys came up to me and took me back to their place. At first I thought they would be nice people. But when I said “can you slow down I’m really hurt.” They said “this is why kids are used for being slaves because they complain. So this is why we need to do what's necessary to make them work.” Then we got to their house they said “go and grow a peach tree so we can get money.”
I said “I don’t know how to grow one. Also I can’t walk that well with my injury.” They said “just do it or this fist will go straight into your face.” So I go off to find some peach seeds and then I see a cockroach, spider, ladybug and more. And then the two boys came in and screamed and said “KILL THEM!” and I put the bugs into one of the bushes outside. The boys yelled “you're good for nothing boy! I SAID KILL THEM! You better kill them next time." They shove me onto the floor.
I found the peach seeds and I put them into the ground and put some water on them.       
6 months later...
After doing chores and having to kill every bug I see, the tree actually grew but without leaves though. One day, one peach was growing and it kept growing and growing until it was massive. But the boys were scared of heights so of course i had to cut it down. I cut it down and then they put it up for $20 each visit and I got no credit. I see some bugs go inside the peach. They were the same ones i didn’t kill and when they got into the peach they also grew bigger. So that night I sneak out and take lots of bites from the peach and then is see the bugs talking. I slipped and they heard me so they eat their way to me and the spider puts me in her web and she said “Were you the one trying to kill us?" And the cockroach replied "No, he saved us and made this peach our home.”

To Be Continued....

Goldilocks and the three bears (My version)

CRUNCH! Goldilocks looked down to see she had stepped on a stick. She looks around to make sure nothing dangerous had heard her. When she felt safe enough to continue on, she walked for a few hours before it started to rain. She ran under a tree, from there she sees a rather small house and runs to the shelter of it’s front door. “Is anyone home?” she called, no reply. She pushes open the front door and enters uninvited. She looks around and spots a bowl of porridge. “I better not” she says backing away. “I’ll” she pauses trying to think of what to do.

“I’ll go upstairs!” she shouted to make sure no one was up there. She tiptoed up the stairs and when she got to the top, she saw a neat little bedroom and what looked like a small bathroom. In the corner next to the bed she saw a chair that would be perfect for her! She looked shook her head and instead sat down on the floor. She was so hungry, she remembered the nice looking bowl of porridge and wondered if she could make her own. She stood up and ran downstairs, to her dismay the bowl of porridge was gone.

How was she supposed to know what type porridge it was now!? She opened the pantry, there were over twenty different types of porridge in the pantry! She was just about to reach for one, but then… “Hello! squeaked a voice. Goldilocks jumped, then turned around slowly. It was the bowl of porridge! But this time bright green eyes were staring back at her.  

To be continued…            By Isabella

Goldie And The Three Penguins

Goldie And The Three Penguins

Goldie was making porridge one morning. While Goldie was waiting for it to cool down, she went for a walk in the forest because it was beautiful day. She was strolling down the path when she meet a family of penguins. There was a Baby penguin, a Mama penguin and a Dada penguin. They had a little chat and then Goldie found their house. So Goldie had a little look inside, mean while the penguins had found Goldie's house because they smelt the beautiful smell of porridge. They could smell the the porridge because Goldie had left the window open so it could cool down. The penguins opened the door, Baby penguin went straight to Goldie's porridge and ate it all up, he wanted more so he complained and complained and wasn't going to stop unless you gave him more porridge. So the Mama and the Dada made another batch.

Goldie was still snooping around in Their house, she thought that her porridge had cooled down by more because she had been out for at least an hour. Then the Baby penguin had got his porridge, then spotted Goldie's chair band he ran straight towards it. he sat down and it started to crack then it shattered into pieces. The Baby penguin wanted to have a nap, so he ran up the stairs. He had found all of the bedrooms, because he was small he wanted to find Goldie's bedroom. So he had to check all of the rooms and the last one was Goldie's room. He jumped straight in and fell straight to sleep.

When Goldie was on her way home, she couldn't smell her porridge. She went in and saw that her porridge was gone.She went to go and have a sit down, when she sees that her chair is in pieces. So she went upstairs to go and have a lie down and find that the penguins are in her house. So she screams and yells at them and they are so scared that they run away, they never returned again. But after this Goldie was framed for snooping around in their house. When the penguins ate her food, sat and broke her chair and slept in her bed. They should tell the true story about the penguins.

By Sophie

My side of the three little Pigs

The three little Pigs
(My side of the story)

Nobody knows my version of the Three little Pigs. Once upon a time there was a wolf living in a small town called Pigville.The population of the town was 4.There was one wolf and three Pigs.

One day the wolf ran out of food so he wanted to know where was the Supermarket. So he thought for a long time until he thought “why don’t I just go ask my Neighbors?”said the wolf. So he came up to the first house that was right
beside his house. He knocked on the door three times. Know one answered so he called out “Pig, are you home?”. Then The door opened and slammed! On the wall.”What do you want?”, said Pig. I just wanted to know where the Supermarket is in this town”said the wolf softly. “I don’t know, i’m dumb.” Go ask next door he might know,”said the dumb Pig.

So he went to the next door two doors down from his house. This was fat Pigs house “surely, he knows where the Supermarket is right?”, said the wolf in his mind. So he knocked on the door tap! tap! Tap! “I'M COMING!”, shouted the fat Pig. He came to the door and you could hear under his breath “food, food, FOOD!”, yelled fat Pig and chased him away.

To be continued...

By Marc Rackham