Thursday, 15 June 2017

Life Education!

Life education:
Have you been on the life education bus? Have you seen Harold?  Well if not you will enjoy this us trip so much that you will never want to leave. It starts off great, your class in a line and walking up into the mobile classroom where harold stays. After we have sitten down inside the bus we are greeted with a welcoming lady who tells us what we will do today.

To start off the leason, the lady in the bus told us a little bit about bullying,mean and rude. Each year when we go into the education bus we have a different topic to learn about. This year was about bullying,mean and rude. Before we could see Harold we had to watch two short videos  about kids around our age who have had problems when online. After we watched a video about the kids we shorted different questions out into problems online or problems off line. We figured out that most of the problems and questions were related to online or both online and offline scenarios. Then just for a bit of fun before we watched our second video we played a game called look up look down which was a great game. The times that she was talking were a bit boring but I realized that all the things she was saying were really meaningful and the helped us with our learning.

For anyone who has not been on the life education bus before you will love it! It's a great and new way of learning with fun games too. The bus is not to big but at the same time it's not too small. It's so cool and I would hate to miss out on going. I can still remember when I first went on the bus when I was five and the nice lady gave me a pencil and a sticker. Even though I have only got that pencil once I still get stickers every year.(even though it's a bit childish) You will never forget this amazing experience so enjoy it while you can go.

Overall today was great even though I did not get to experience both the days we had the bus come I still really enjoyed learning about the three different topics.You will love going on the bus if you haven’t already been.

Thanks for reading

-And Harold!

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