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Sams Life Education Summary

Life Education Summary

As part of the school health program in Room 6 we just attended the Life Education classroom. For the last two weeks Reremoana has been doing the Life Education van to learn about all the types of ways you can bully people without knowing you are doing it. Harold the giraffe is a puppet that teaches kids how to not bully people online and offline in three ways of being a bully online and offline. I thought it was sad when some poor kids put some photos on Instagram and got cyber bullied by people they didn’t know or had heard of.

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Life Education!

Life education:
Have you been on the life education bus? Have you seen Harold?  Well if not you will enjoy this us trip so much that you will never want to leave. It starts off great, your class in a line and walking up into the mobile classroom where harold stays. After we have sitten down inside the bus we are greeted with a welcoming lady who tells us what we will do today.

To start off the leason, the lady in the bus told us a little bit about bullying,mean and rude. Each year when we go into the education bus we have a different topic to learn about. This year was about bullying,mean and rude. Before we could see Harold we had to watch two short videos  about kids around our age who have had problems when online. After we watched a video about the kids we shorted different questions out into problems online or problems off line. We figured out that most of the problems and questions were related to online or both online and offline scenarios. Then just for a bit of fun before we watched our second video we played a game called look up look down which was a great game. The times that she was talking were a bit boring but I realized that all the things she was saying were really meaningful and the helped us with our learning.

For anyone who has not been on the life education bus before you will love it! It's a great and new way of learning with fun games too. The bus is not to big but at the same time it's not too small. It's so cool and I would hate to miss out on going. I can still remember when I first went on the bus when I was five and the nice lady gave me a pencil and a sticker. Even though I have only got that pencil once I still get stickers every year.(even though it's a bit childish) You will never forget this amazing experience so enjoy it while you can go.

Overall today was great even though I did not get to experience both the days we had the bus come I still really enjoyed learning about the three different topics.You will love going on the bus if you haven’t already been.

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-And Harold!

Life Education Evaluation - Dylan

Life Education Evaluation

Is Life Education worth it? Yes, it is. I am here to write an evaluation on Life Education. Life Education is a great way to learn things, and it is more entertaining than normal education.

Let's talk about the good bits. To keep you focused, every now and again you’ll get to play a quick and easy game with the whole class. This means no-one is off-task, resulting in a better way to learn. They can teach you the difference between rude, mean and bully. They teach you about cyber-bullying, which is online bullying, and normal bullying, which is offline bullying. They don’t just talk, they also use media to keep you interested. They also get everyone involved rather than just one or two people. The main great thing about them is that EVERYONE is always involved and on task, unlike in a normal class when people are on task and not ONCE when everyone’s focused. It’s also a lot more quiet. If you do it you’ll meet harold, a cute little giraffe (Not a real one, I mean a puppet, but DON’T CALL HIM THAT!)

I have to tell you the negative side to it as well. It is very positive, so there is not much to put here, but here is the one’s I can think of. The first problem is the time. The sessions are a good duration, but they don’t happen very often. You get a session once a week, and a session is an hour or 2, so it’s not that much. The second problem is that it is a little expensive, due to how short it is. That’s the negative side.

Now you ask if it’s worth it? It definitely is. It is a great thing to do, and because of how good it is, it’s worth paying the few extra dollars that makes it expensive. If you read this then you should now know if it is worth it or not, which I would say it is!

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