Monday, 29 May 2017

Marae Trip

On the 29th of May, Room 5,6,7,8,17,18, Went to the Manurewa Marae on Finlayson Street. We went on four buses the most part I hated on the bus was the load of Screaming. As we arrived at the Marae Camille, Alysha, Zoe, Aaliyah, and I were the Karanga girls I was super nervous at the start begging hoppily we don't screw up but we took it very well. We lined up in boys and girls, girls at the front and boys at the back the Karanga girls had to go at the very front.

We were greeted and welcomed onto the Marae by both people. These two people leaded us to sit down under neath a shelter. They began to tell a speech in Maori we were all trying our best to understand most of the Maori language. Then after they told there speech Mr fourie Stood up to tell his speech some people were smiling and giggling as he began to tell his speech. But I think Mr Fourie did a awesome job.

After the speeches were done we went for Morning tea we didn’t sit on the grass because it was a bit wet so we sat on the bench next to the toilets. The lady and the Man showed us some out of bounce areas that we were not allowed to go. After morning tea eating we got to have a little bit of playtime next to the bench there was a fileld. Some people were doing gymnastics some people were playing tag and some people were just chilling and talking to their friends.

After morning tea we got split up into groups room 17,18,7, Were group A and room 5,6,8, Were group B I was in group B our first activity was heading into the whari but we were told to take off our shoes but we were allowed to wear socks. Our first thing we learnt and did inside the whari was an acting show. I’ve got to tell you there was some pretty funny embarrassments going on. We all laughed giggled and having fun watching these funny people acting. The actors were Katie,Kalush,Danielle,Avansh,Scarlet,Samantha they did some pretty good acting.

After our acting show was over we got told some interesting facts about these people who have pictures about them on the wall. And we got told some different arts that were also near the door we got to have a little look around.

After we finished our first activity we headed outside and put on our shoes and got ready for our next activity it was playing a game in Maori. We were all introduced by a lady she showed us some movements and words we had to do before the game. Basically what you do is you do what the lady ask you to do and she says the words in Maori for the movements Maunga was for whari or house tekoteko was putting up two fingers on you’re head like a piece sign. (I forgot the rest of the movements and the words sorry).

After we did our two activities we headed over for lunch after lunch eating we had a bit of playtime but the some students got to go to the field across the road I didn’t get to go over because It was boys soccer only and I don’t really play soccer but it was alright I moved on I also saw Mr Worsop and Mrs Gordon playing Split the banana this is how you play if one of the people who you are playing with lose they have to spread out there legs and if the other person wins one round or another they don’t have to spread the legs I got to tell you it was pretty funny.

After Lunch we all headed into the whari for a waiata or a karakia It was pretty hard to pronounce and the words were difficult to follow as well but we did get the hang of it a little. After our lessons in the whari we went out and put our shoes back on and went to go grab our bags. And ready to head on the bus back to school. After we arrived at school we all meet at the court yard we thank the parents for helping and we also thanked Miss Bailey for Organizing the day (Well Mitchell did).  I had such a fun time at the Marae It was such a great experience and I learnt different types of things that I haven’t been thought before.
This day was awesome.